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Who We Are

Cash Flow & Net Worth Growth Is Our Mission.

We’re a team of CPAs and Accountants providing our clients with CFO & Tax Advisory Services to optimize their business and personal finances. Our focus is on growing client cash flow and personal net worths by providing them the accounting, tax planning, and financial systems they need to achieve long term financial success.

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Powerful Services

We want to simplify your life. If you need any help in the decision process, we are right by your side. We are ready to take off together with you.

Our Services

CFO Advisory
CFO Advisory services for growing businesses of any size. Let us handle all of your accounting & finance responsibilities, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, forecasting and taxes.
Tax Advisory By having a deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses and personal finances, we're able to identify the best tax planning strategies available to them. Helping to improve cashflow through tax planning.  
Increase Net Worth By reviewing your full financial picture, both business and personal, we can provide you with a road map to increasing the most important figure in any personal financial plan; Net Worth.  
Key Performance Indicators We supply our clients with carefully chosen industry and operational KPIs to provide insight to the operations and financial health of their businesses. Enabling management to take action as needed.  
Cloud-Based Solutions Harness the power of scalable cloud-based accounting solutions, and their ability to directly impact your business’ growth and mobility. Maintain constant access to crucial, real-time financial information from the convenience of any mobile device.  
Compliance Our services ensure that clients are in compliance with both federal and state filing requirements for payroll, income taxes, employee benefits, and more. Don’t stress over any IRS or State letters, we handle all of these matters for you.  

Who We Serve

Family Offices
Private Equity Firms
Serial Entrepreneurs
Real Estate Investors


Real Estate
Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate (Co-Work, Office, Retail, Multi-Family)

Contractors & Developers

Real Estate Brokers

Property Managers

Blockchain & Digital Assets
Blockchain & Digital Assets

Individual Crypto Traders & Investors

Crypto & Blockchain Investment Funds

Blockchain Native Companies 

Blockchain Software Engineers


eCommerce Retail (B2C)

eCommerce Wholesale (B2B)

eCommerce Subscriptions

Professional Services
Professional Services

Digital Advertising & Marketing Firms

Public Relations Firms



IT & Software Developers


Single & Multi-Specialty Practices


Wellness Centers


Assisted Living Facilities


Full Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants

Multi-Location Franchisees

Bars & Clubs

Event & Catering Services


Founded by entrepreneurial accountants, CFO Associates understand the early hardships that come with creating a business from scratch. The long hours and sleepless nights required to bring an idea to fruition can take a toll on founders, employees, and operations. We assist new and growing small businesses implement sound accounting, tax planning, and compliance systems into place to help them scale from the beginning.

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Let us handle your business and finances and educate you on accounting, tax, and planning along the way.

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Stay informed on the most recent trends and analyses of financial management world. Our team of experts share best practices on cash flow, wealth management, and more.

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Schedule a Free Consultation With a CPA Today!

Schedule a Free Consultation With a CPA Today!